Bluebonnets – Sold


2 thoughts on “Bluebonnets – Sold

    1. Hello Jenny,

      I was very excited to hear that you love the painting Lori sent. Regarding the Bluebonnet painting you mentioned, I don’t have prints of that one, but may be able to make some in the future.

      I recently finished up another Bluebonnet painting: Bluebonnets and Shadows It’s 18″ x 24″ I just entered it in a juried art show, it will likely get accepted and be on display for a month, if it doesn’t sell I plan to make some prints of it, and the painting will be for sale as well.

      I am also planning to do some more bluebonnet paintings in the next couple of months. I took my mom up to Brenham, TX a few weeks back to check out the bluebonnets up there, and I got a few nice reference photos. If you like, I could send you an email when I finish the next one.

      Clint 🙂

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