Bluebonnets – Sold


Author: Clint S

Art, full of Depth, Emotion, Color, and Warmth. Working and exploring ideas to transcend what is normal and give new perspectives on things we all can relate to. Particularly by incorporating geometric shapes an patterns in my work. I like to explore bold vivid color as well as limited palettes. I tend to gravitate twowards clouds and trees and they spark my interest and I enjoy the designs and patterns found in these elements of nature.

2 thoughts on “Bluebonnets – Sold

    1. Hello Jenny,

      I was very excited to hear that you love the painting Lori sent. Regarding the Bluebonnet painting you mentioned, I don’t have prints of that one, but may be able to make some in the future.

      I recently finished up another Bluebonnet painting: Bluebonnets and Shadows It’s 18″ x 24″ I just entered it in a juried art show, it will likely get accepted and be on display for a month, if it doesn’t sell I plan to make some prints of it, and the painting will be for sale as well.

      I am also planning to do some more bluebonnet paintings in the next couple of months. I took my mom up to Brenham, TX a few weeks back to check out the bluebonnets up there, and I got a few nice reference photos. If you like, I could send you an email when I finish the next one.

      Clint 🙂

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