A bit about me and my art. I am mostly a self-taught artist who started painting with the intention of just making some art to add color and life to my home. An artistic spark was kindled, and it has since become my new passion. I am constantly learning and exploring new ideas. My main focus tends to gravitate around geometric abstracts, but I enjoy creating various other abstract work as well as landscapes. I absolutely love cubism. I am inspired by the cubist works of Georges Braque, Marcel Duchamp, Michael Lang, and of course Pablo Picasso. I have a tiny smidge of art background from high school by a caring art teacher. (My appreciation to all teachers who reach out and try to make a difference in a kid’s life!). I was quite a messed-up teenager 🙂 I liked painting way back then, but could not really finish anything to completion, just too ADD. Worlds apart from who I was then, separated by about a twenty-four-year abyss, here I am. Instead of quitting in the middle of something, now I look forward to enjoying the process of creating, exercising patience to not only finish what I start, but to carry on with hope and excitement in what will be the end result. I am a member of the Pearland Arts League, National Society of Artists, and Galveston Art League. I currently have artwork on display at the Pearland Visitors Bureau, Pearland Chamber of Commerce (Through January), Salons by JC at Baybrook, and Central Market Fine Art Gallery.